Anu kumari sociology notes

Anu kumari sociology notes

  sociology strategy by anu kumari, rank 2, upsc cse-2017, sociology marks 318 to read anu kumaris general studies strategy, click here firstly let me tell you that when i started preparing, i had never thought that i would be penning down my thoughts to help fellow aspirants some day. So, continue reading sociology strategy by anu kumari, rank 2, upsc cse-2017, sociology.

  anu kumari notes pdf gs paper 1,gs paper 2,gs paper 3,sociology anu kumari upsc toppers notes for all subjects you can download from here. You can download notes of paper 1,paper 2,paper 3 and paper 4.

  sociology strategy anu kumari anu kumari uncategorized june 6, 2018 june 6, 2018 8 minutes firstly let me tell you that when i started preparing, i had never thought that i would be penning down my thoughts to help fellow aspirants some day.

  i am anu kumari (anu bhokar pre marriage and anu bhokar dahiya post marriage), rank 2 in cse 2017. I am posting the link here to sociology notes of my friend akshat kaushal, rank 55, cse 2017.

Her sociology strategy in her words firstly let me tell you that when i started preparing, i had never thought that i would be penning down my thoughts to help fellow aspirants some day.

She provided sociology notes of her friend akshat kushal, rank 55, cse 217.

Sociology strategy by anu kumari rank 2 (cse-2017) 1759 sociologyoptional, strategy,. Basic material that i referred to was- upendra sir classroom notes available in the market (covered both paper 1 and paper 2 end to end from these except the thinkers of paper 2).

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Anu kumari sociology notes

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