Apollo cryptocurrency scam

Apollo cryptocurrency scam

According to a lengthy reddit post from earlier today, apollo (apl) has all the hallmarks of a massive scam to enrich its creators.

There are percolating allegations that apollo currency is a pump and dump.

  a fork of nxt cryptocurrency identified as apollo (apl) is now in the news and it has been called out by one reddit user as a scam. According to the user, the apl founder is only utilizing the cryptocurrency for a pump and dump.

Since january 14th, apl broken into top 100 cryptocurrencies on coin market cap by surging a stunning 360, to establish itself in the 77th place. However, history has taught us that not all hyped up cryptocurrency-related projects come to a happy ending, and lately, more than a few sources claim that apollo is, in fact, a straightforward scam.

Apollo currency has a current supply of 21,165,096,531 with 14,685,096,531 in circulation.

All criticism aside, one must remember that it is not fair or accurate to call apollo currency a scam at this point in time. It is also not fair or accurate to suggest that the foundersdevelopers have dumped the token when, in fact, they have not.

  a fork of nxt cryptocurrency known as apollo (apl) has been called out by a reddit user who said the founder is only using the cryptocurrency for a pump and dump. He also added that the cryptocurrency is nothing but nxt with a different name.

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Apollo is the all-in-one cryptocurrency that has everything - smart contracts, sharding, the best privacy features, and more! Theyll be sure to tell you all about apollos amazing features in their communities. Heres the only problem - it has absolutely none of those things right now and is all promises from a dev team that has not proven one.

Com) claims to offer a coin known as gsx which is also backed by gold, land and us dollar reserves. 046 and this price is apparently going to increase as more assets are added. Apollo fintech is confident that investors of gsx coin are going to achieve guaranteed high returns which are paid in yearly dividends.

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Apollo cryptocurrency scam

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