Bpi kaya savings card image

Bpi kaya savings card image

  kaya savings is one of the accounts that you can open with bpi. Kaya is a tagalog term may mean easy to open because unlike other savings account, kaya savings only require 200 initial deposit and it is very easy to maintain because it has no maintaining balance.

If possible open an account thats within the area of your residence. Step 3 once youre at the bank, approach the bpi personnel or go to the customer information table and inform them that you are going to open a bpi kaya savings account.

  bpi has announced to convert the kaya savings account to a regular saving account effective january 15, 2021. Kaya savings is a savings account with no maintaining balance and has a minimal fee for withdrawals. With the transition, it will now have a required initial deposit of php 3,000.

  the popular bpi savings account without maintaining balance the bpi easy saver savings account is now called bpi kaya savings account. Just go to the nearest bpi or bpi family bank and open with 200 pesos, at least 2 valid ids, 2 11 id pictures, and 150 pesos for the atm card or debit card.

With an initial deposit of only 200 and with no maintaining balance required, bpi kaya is great for budget-conscious individuals. Youll also enjoy minimal withdrawal fees at bpi or bancnet atms. Initial deposit 200 maintaining balance none balance to earn interest 1,000 interest rate 0.

The initial deposit will depend on which bpi account you would like to open. For example, a kaya savings account has a 350 pesos initial deposit. 200 pesos will serve as your initial deposit while the 150 pesos will serve as your card fee.

  bpi also accepts 11 pictures just in case you dont have one. They have this signature card, where you will be required to sign multiple times and where your pictures will be attached. It will help them verify your identity or guard you against anyone who pretends to be you when theres a suspicious transaction made in your account.

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Bpi kaya savings card image

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