Calypso knee system cost

Calypso knee system cost

Implant availability is limited since it is still in the clinical trials in the united states. Results should become available around 2025 to determine future use. The cost for this implant is currently unknown because it is not yet available to the public.

  for the first time in the united states, surgeons have implanted a new device designed to relieve knee pain in patients with arthritis.

Of hayward, california, the calypso is designed to provide outside support to the knee joint, without any modification to the anatomy or removal of tissue from the knee. Calypso is designed to treat osteoarthritis in the inner knee, which is the most common area of the knee that gets affected by osteoarthritis.

  the calypso knee system is an implantable shock absorber as opposed to a total joint replacement. This device is geared towards patients with osteoarthritis in the inner knee, which wears away at the joints cartilage. Because approximately 31 million americans live with osteoarthritis, the calypso knee system can have a significant impact on orthopedic medicine (keeffe).

  the calypso knee system is being tested at the ohio state university wexner medical center. Surgeons make a six-inch incision on the inside of the knee and insert the device.

Prospective, multicenter clinical study of the calypso knee system. 80 subjects will be enrolled in this study at up to 10 investigational sites located in the u.

  the calypso knee device is putting the spring back in the steps of people whose knees have been worn down after years of use.

A clinical trial is examining how the device may relieve pain and slow the.

  the calypso study investigational device consists of a cylindrical shock absorber that is implanted along the side of the knee and reduces the amount of weight supported by the knee. Nobody can wear a brace all the time for any length of time, and thats the advantage of an implantable device like calypso, dr.

  if trials are successful, the calypso knee system could reverse that trend, helping more people avoid joint replacements and preserve their knees.

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Calypso knee system cost

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