Cibc savings account reddit

Cibc savings account reddit

Ive reviewed all the account details, requirement, fees and they all seem fine to me however reviews for these banks are so mixed, its hard to tell which are fake and which are relevant.

The is this is a combined bonus and regular annual interest rate earned on new deposits made to a cibc eadvantage savings account (esa) when the account balance is 5,000 or more. The bonus andor regular rates may change at any time without prior notice.

I dont know about your account but cibc charges me 5 every time i make a transaction through my savings account. I even tried to pay a bill at the counter from my savings once and the person there said to use my app to move the money from savings to checking because i would get charged.

My checking account is an everyday checking account with 12 transactions for 3. I registered for a smart account instead for unlimited transactions fro 14. 95 thinking my checking account (main account) would go from every checking to smart but instead i now have a third account on my debit card.

Ive reviewed all the account details, requirement, fees and they all seem fine to me however reviews for these banks are so mixed, its hard to.

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Cibc savings account reddit

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Cibc savings account reddit

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