Citizens bank refinance student loans reddit

Citizens bank refinance student loans reddit

Refinance 2 (citizens, jan 2021) 51k initial principle, 3. As you can see i paid 20k off from may 2020-dec 2020 then cashed in on great private student loan rates.

Im a recent college graduate who has a sum of 42k in private student loans through citizens bank. My interest rates for the loans ive taken out are between 7-10. Right now im in deferment so i dont have a monthly payment but i want to take advantage of lower interest rates due to.

Average savings based on citizens customers who refinanced their student loans and received a lower payment.

If youve heard a lot of buzz about refinancing student loans, theres a good reason why it could potentially save you a lot of money. For example, suppose you have 25,000 in private student loans at an interest rate of 7 with a 10-year repayment period.

However, the president just ordered all student loan interest to be suspended on federal student loans. Im not 100 sure, but if you refinance your loans may not be eligible for this suspended interest. Just something to consider before you pull the trigger on a refi.

Education refinance loan for parents and federal loan savings comparison interest rate savings are calculated as the difference between the citizens bank education refinance loan for parents lowest offered fixed rate of 2. 89 apr) and the federal parent plus loan interest rate of 5. 30 for loans first disbursed between july 1, 2020 and june 30, 2021.

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  that consistently puts citizens bank on our list of the top places to refinance student loans. Remember, when shopping for student loans, always compare your options. We recommend credible , where you can compare citizens bank against other lenders.

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Citizens bank refinance student loans reddit

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Citizens bank refinance student loans reddit

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