Coinbase custody trust company llc

Coinbase custody trust company llc

Coinbase custody serves customers from across the globe and has two distinct legal entinties. When registering with coinbase custody, customers may choose to contract with either the us or irish entity, based on their needs. Below is a breakdown of the key features of each legal entity along with a list of the supported assets.

Free and open company data on washington (us) company coinbase custody trust company, llc (company number 604631650), 200 park ave s.

Coinbase custody trust company, llc (ubi no 604631650) was incorporated on in washington.

Coinbase custody trust company, llc (ubi 604631650) is a corporation entity registered with washington state secretary of state. The principal address is 200 park ave s ste 1208, new york, ny 10003-1542.

  coinbase approved to offer crypto custody services coinbase has received approval from new york regulators to form a qualified custodial firm for cryptocurrencies.

  in 2019, coinbase custody trust company, llc, engaged grant thornton llp to conduct two system and organization controls (soc) examinations.

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Coinbase custody trust company llc

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