Duochrome test online

Duochrome test online

Used in subjective refraction it would normally be known as a ducochrome test but other titles meaning two colours have been used at various times including bichrome test or, as here, bi-chromatic test.

The duochrome or bichromatic test is used to check on the best vision sphere result following a monocular refraction, to ensure accommodation has not led to over-minussing or under-plussing.

  the duochrome test should be used after monocular refraction and it represents the endpoint procedure of the tested eye. Prism dissociated duochrome test is used to equalize the stimulus to accommodation for the two eyes under binocular conditions. This test is initially used for presbyopes who need near correction.

Individuals who perceive a rapid movement from the corner of the eye turn their head suddenly. Test how far your field of vision reaches now! Important do not wear spectacles for this test! Take a pen in your right hand and hold it at arms length in front of your face.

  duo-chrome test is commonly used to refine the sphere when prescribing glasses. This video explains how to do the test and the optical principles behind th.

Method of subjective refraction, based on chromatic aberration of the eye. A transparent eye chart is half coated with red and green filter. The density of the filters is chosen that the brightness for the eye based on wavelength 550 nm is equal. It is also equal for the dioptric difference caused by the chromatic aberration.

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Duochrome test online

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