E92 clutch replacement cost

E92 clutch replacement cost

The quote request was posted on received 2 cost estimates from local mechanics and workshops with an average of r5700.

  as with any clutch replacement, sac replacement procedure requires that the transmission be removed from the vehicle. In addition, special bmw tools are required for removal and installation of the sac pressure plate.

  well provide you with all the information you need, including average clutch replacement cost, which can be anything from 200 when you do it yourself, to 1,000 when you hire a.

Check out the clickmechanic price for a bmw 3 series clutch replacement in the uk.

The average cost for a clutch replacement is between 1,845 and 2,046 but can vary from car to car.

Dct fluid & filter change 675 we regularly carry out dct fluid changes for people wanting the lifetime dct fluid changed for peace of mind, andor due to dct oil leaks and dct sump gasket leaks.

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E92 clutch replacement cost

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