Eng btc tradingview

Eng btc tradingview

Engbtc -after a strong pump last few days ago -the price started rolling back by -25 its value -if you are looking for a good risk to reward bounce play trade -3500-3400 sat region is perfect for potential buy entry -i recommend to open a buy order provided there is bullish signs .

Btcusd daily looking at traditional pivot points and the reoccurring price action between pivots p and r1 and highlighted by a bar pattern. As defined by tradingview pivot point analysis is a technique of determining key levels that price may react to. Pivot points tend to function as support or resistance and can be turning points.

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This is not a trading advice do your own research and analysis before entering any trade trading in crypto is very high risk please use stop loss to cease profit and commit to risk management engbtc buy zone 4400-4800 price now binanceengbtc target 1 6100 ( 30 ) target 2 7300 ( 55 ) target 3 9200 ( 95 ) stop loss 1 day candle under 4300 estimated time to reach targets.

Mainnet is going to be launched so if btc remains bullish till end of the month we can expect a nice run.

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Eng btc tradingview

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Eng btc tradingview

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