How much does the hylian shield cost

How much does the hylian shield cost

  appears to be 4000 rupees a pop for anything that you are trying to buy back in town. Trying to unlock mine now since i left my hylian shield after dropping it on the gerudo beast.

  how much does hylian shield cost? Hylian shieldother mediasuper smash bros.

  the legend of zelda twilight princess how much does the hylian shield cost? Asked by wiki user.

  hell only restock the hylian shield once youve found it in the lockup though, and itll cost you 3,000 rupees. Still, it appears to be the only other way to get a new hylian shield if yours.

  if link buys a shield from the bazaar after having spoken to the keaton mask soldier, the shopkeeper will give link a discount, halving its original 80 rupee selling price.

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The hylian shield isnt technically unbreakable, but it does have a very high durability of 800. If you havent mastered the perfect guard technique, id steer clear of using it.

  hylian shield (3,000) - see how to get the hylian shield not all of these items are available immediately, so keep checking back with him to see what he has in stock.

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How much does the hylian shield cost

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