How to cancel 99 cent icloud storage

How to cancel 99 cent icloud storage

  go to settings your name icloud manage storage or icloud storage.

  i am trying to figure out how to cancel my icloud storage plan. Now i changed my mind and would like to cancel the plan and got back to the free 5gb.

  to cancel your icloud storage plan, you can head to the manage storage menu on your iphone or ipad.

  before that happens, be sure to back up any data that exceeds the free icloud storage limit (currently 5gb). As with the iphone and ipad, the option to cancel your icloud storage subscription is buried in layers of menus on a mac.

  you can cancel your icloud storage subscription from any device. Cancel your icloud storage from an iphone, ipad, or ipod touch go to settings your name icloud manage storage.

If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device.

  part 1 how to cancel icloud storage plan for iphoneipadipod given below are the steps to cancel icloud storage plans and it applies to ipad, iphone, and ipod devices. Step 1 open the settings app on your home screen and scroll down to icloud settings.

  as you approach 5 gb of storage, your iphone (or ipad) will start nagging you to pay up.

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How to cancel 99 cent icloud storage

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