How to send cards on coin master

How to send cards on coin master

  select the total number of cards you want to send and press send to send, you will see the message card successfully sent, which means the card has been successfully sent. For a while, text your friends to see if they have received the card yet.

To send a card, open your card collections by pressing on the card icon found at the bottom left corner of the screen. Tap on the card you wish to send and then on the send button which will open up a list of friends.

Coin master - how to send unlimited cards per day in coin master - youtube. Coin master, are you new coin master player? Have you ever stuck send card to help someone? Here is the video clip that.

  how to send unlimited cards in coin master coin master team update send gold cards in cm team.

Players can either request or offer these gold cards by making a post on our official trading group.

  in coin master you can share cards with your facebook friends.

  here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for coin master download the coin master apk here.

Then buy a second star to all objects and start buying chests again until you find a new golden card.

One of the best methods of getting new cards though, is to wait until there is a card boom and splash your cash on a bunch of chests. Card booms happen regularly, and are a limited-time event that provide you with 50 extra cards from each chest you open.

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How to send cards on coin master

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