How to withdraw bitconnect coin

How to withdraw bitconnect coin

Please comment me if you want to withdraw your amount from your bitconnect wallet.

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Bitconnect coin (bcc) only has utility within the bitconnect universe. Thats why you have to bring bitcoin (btc) into the site in order to buy bcc, because bitcoin has universal value. ) once youve staked your bcc and generated your profits, lets suppose you want to withdraw.

3) how do i withdraw bitconnect coin? You can withdraw bitconnect coin(bcc) exclusively from the bcc exchange page. The bcc exchange platform makes it fast and easy to withdraw bitconnect coin(bcc).

  bitconnet, a coin exchange server, announced that it was shutting down meaning all traders would need to withdraw their money. However, despite reassurances customers would be able to withdraw at a recent exchange rate, those trying to retrieve their investment found they were unable to do so due to continuous cyber-attacks.

The minimum amount of bitcoin you can withdraw from your bitcoin wallet is 0.

After the bitcoin has arrived it should look like this on bitconnect coin when you navigate to transaction and clicking on bitcoin wallet. After having navigated to bcc exchange scroll down until you see the buy sell bcc area.

  there were also a number of other things about bitconnect that raised red flags. One of the first was that there was no immediate option to withdraw your money. The majority of people who invested in bitconnect would have to wait more than 100 days to see their profits.

It automatically uses your maximum bitcoin wallet value to adjust the bitconnect coin unit value the final step now is to click on buy bitconnect coin finally you have to confirm the buy order placement and wait until someone is selling his bitconnect coins for that price which usually takes only a few seconds.

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How to withdraw bitconnect coin

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How to withdraw bitconnect coin

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