Icici travel card login

Icici travel card login

Just follow these steps to link your forex prepaid cards log in to imobile app. Click on cards, loans and forex and select forex and forex prepaid cards. Click on link now and select self or close relative as the case may be.

Select your language preference select option 2 for credit card or prepaid cards then, enter the 16-digit number on your card in case you are calling from a local number belonging to any one of the following countries, please use the toll-free numbers given below.

Collect your card and the customer copy of the transaction slip along with your bill.

Icici bank brings to you multicurrency platinum travel card the perfect travel companion for your trip abroad, which acts as a secured international payment tool and comes with a host of powerful benefits. Now avail and load your icici multicurrency platinum travel card from any icici bank branch and enjoy a range of offers and benefits during.

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Icici travel card login

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Icici travel card login

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