Ing direct living super review

Ing direct living super review

  heres the annual fees for the living super growth option, assuming you had a balance of 50,000.

  established in 2012, ing living super is an online accumulation product that can be tailored to suit the needs of members and allows access to real-time online share trading.

Living super term deposits offer a fixed rate of interest for the duration of the term and each require a minimum opening amount of 1,000. If you wish to close your living super term deposit before the maturity date, you must provide us with 31 days notice.

Ing direct (ing) has engaged superratings pty limited (superratings) to perform a fee benchmarking review of its proposed structure for the living super growth option which has a long-term asset allocation of 70 in growth assets and 30 in defensive assets.

You can sign up for an ing super account online by clicking on the ing super product of your choice in our canstar superannuation comparison tables. Keep our tips in mind for how to choose a super fund , and always read the product disclosure statement (pds) before you sign up for any superannuation product.

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Get ing motorcycle insurance and save up to 15 on your first years base premium for new policies purchased online. A simple super solution that delivers real value, choice and control.

Simplest way to check if your superannuation is on track is to keep a regular check of your balance. Have a think about when you want to retire, whether or not that has changed, and how much income you want in your retirement. Ing has a great retirement planner online, so that will give you a great guide as to whether or not youre on track.

For customers who have an orange everyday and in each month deposit at least 1,000 into a personal ing account, make at least 5 settled card purchases using the linked ing debit card and grow the account balance.

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Ing direct living super review

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