Laguardia long term parking shuttle

Laguardia long term parking shuttle

What are the rates for lga airport long term parking? Off-site lga airport parking is around 15 daily, which is the most affordable option. Onsite laguardia airport parking has a rate of 39 for the first day, and 13 for each additional 8 hours. A free shuttle is included for both off-site and on-site lga airport parking.

When it comes to long-term parking, laguardia international airport only allows for parking for 30 days. If you want to park at laguardia airport long term, youll have to contact abm at your arrival and give them your information and estimated days of parking.

  laguardia airport long term parking whether you are going on vacation or a business trip, you need to find a safe and secure place to leave your car. Your car will be easy to reach when you come back from your trip and you will travel with peace of mind knowing where your precious car is.

Laguardia airport long term parking information all customers who plan to park at laguardia in excess of 30 days must contact abm the day you arrive at (718) 533-3850. Please provide the agent with your name, plate number and the estimated number of days you will be parking at lga.

Simply book in advance to ensure your laguardia airport parking spot and look forward to your trip, instead of paying high fees from the airport. Youre also advised to take advantage of our park sleep fly package deals, including great rates on lga parking, staying at an airport hotels, and riding a shuttle to the airport.

Our long term airport parking at lga offers a car wash service, complimentary shuttle service, and an optional dropup service.

  you cant get much closer parking to the laguardia airport - just 2 miles away we offer 247 complimentary lga shuttle service from select parking lots to the laguardia airport our long-term airport parking is very secure, so you can have peace of mind that nothing will happen to your vehicle while you are away.

Theres one option for long-term parking at laguardia airport economy parking lot 3. Its situated between terminal b and terminal c, with a free shuttle service to take you to your terminal.

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Laguardia long term parking shuttle

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