Line break chart strategy

Line break chart strategy

Line break charts mimic the japanese chart style similar to kagi and renko charts, in that they disregard time intervals and only focus on price movements. Line break charts are constructed by a series of up bars and down bars (referred to as lines).

We will be focusing on successful wealth creation via 3 line break chart. Three line break charts ignore time and only change when prices move a certain amount. Prices continue in the same direction until a reversal is witnessed on the charts and can be traded. The objective of the webinar is to cover all aspects of this charting method and strategies to be implemented for trading.

The line break chart is a more subtle form of point and figure charts, where reversals are decided by the market, as described by a japanese trader. It is made up of a series of vertical blocks called lines, that use closing prices to indicate market direction.

Invented in japan, three line break charts ignore time and only change when prices move a certain amount (similar to point & figure charts). Three line break charts show a series of vertical white and black lines the white lines represent rising prices, while the black lines portray falling prices. Prices continue in the same direction until a reversal is warranted.

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Line break chart strategy

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Line break chart strategy

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