Mixbook leather cover

Mixbook leather cover

We offer hardcovers (with both glossy and matte finish), softcovers, and leather covers. Durable and flexible, our softcover books are professionally bound. Perfect for showing off your best photos using one of our themes or your own custom layout.

  mixbook photo book cover options what kind of covers do you have? Do you have dust jackets? We offer hardcovers (with both glossy and matte finish), softcovers, and leather covers. Check the videos of our books below! Softcover books durable and flexible,.

Previously only available in our lay flat photo books, this stunning hardcover upgrade will make you feel like the king or queen of a far away land.

  if you are someone who likes to live large, holiday big, and own a weighty souvenir, mixbook has something for you as well the colossal 14 x 11 landscape photo book printed on semi-gloss paper and bound by leather.

  the premium leather cover with matte dust jacket the leather cover is usually black. All the information, title, and design are on the dust jacket. This photo book starts and finishes with a black spread giving the book an elegant look. Mixbook photo books standard range comes in seven sizes plus additional sizes.

  the cover of the book is made of black leather with the montage logo debossed on the back and a collage of pictures on the front. This eco leather is a lot smoother than the mixbook leather cover.

  the publisher provides ten different cover options, including genuine leather, matte and glossy hardcover, and softcover. The cover options are varied and specific, just another aspect of the customization that mixbook is proud of.

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Mixbook leather cover

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