Move stop loss to entry point

Move stop loss to entry point

We can do this by moving out stop loss to entry point, so if it does reverse we at break even ( no pr.).

  this does a few things for the trader it moves the stop to their entry price, also known as break-even so that if eurusd reverses and moves against the trader, at least they wont be.

  investfx closing half a trade and moving stop loss to entry price. If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Stop loss may be moved to near breakeven once a trade is 50 of the way to the target. Stop loss may be moved in further, guaranteeing a profit, once the price moves 75 of the way to the target. At the outset of some trades, i determine that i will use a trailing stop loss.

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Move stop loss to entry point

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Move stop loss to entry point

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