Ninjatrader review reddit

Ninjatrader review reddit

Metatrader is far better supported and popular in general and is easy to find devs on the likes of upwork, so its probably a better option. Com to build and test your ideas in (the relatively easy) pine script and have someone recode them to your preferred languagesoftware.

Ninjatrader rant - just need to get this off my chest first off, i admit i dont know what im doing, i thought this would be like tdameritrade, except with automation.

That number is off in ninjatrader, as it counts each execution as a trade. So if you shorted a lot of 50, and it executed in lots of 10, that would count as 5 trades.

The types of traders you want to learn from are not going to be sitting in a chat room where people are posting rocket-ship emojis. But make sure you are getting what you pay for - tools that help you learn or find great trades, an active chat room that has experienced traders posting their trades live, and decent.

If you upgrade to lease or lifetime licenses, the trading fees are even lower. Ninjatrader futures fees are low for us stock index futures and very low for other futures products.

Ninjatrader is a powerful derivatives trading platform specializing in futures, forex and options.

Ninjatrader has become one of the best stock analysis software platforms and is mainly used by day traders. The range of functions is enormous, and the possibilities seem endless. However, this also means that especially trading beginners can quickly lose themselves in detail.

Facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr whatsapp email link. The ew bundle serves as a confirmation of my entriesexits and has allowed me to increase my target price with confidence. There are a few free features of ninjatrader, but the software itself is available for a charge.

  also, i would like to add that ninjatrader brokerage does not recommend dorman to european clients but phillip capital. This has probably changed and is valid since the beginning of 2020 as i have learned. Also me as a german citizen was recommended by ninjatrader brokerage quite clearly phillipcapital, whose advice i also followed.

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Ninjatrader review reddit

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