Perpetual geared australian fund

Perpetual geared australian fund

The perpetual geared australian share fund is an actively managed portfolio offering higher potential returns through gearing (borrowing within the fund). With broad market exposure, it aims to provide long-term capital growth and regular income.

The perpetual geared australian share fund is a diversified, actively managed portfolio that provides investors with broad exposure to quality australian shares with the potential for capital growth. The fund has a gearing mechanism designed to provide leveraged returns.

  fund name perpetual wholesale geared australian responsible entity perpetual investment management ltd apir code per0071au sectorasset class equity australia large geared morningstar rating (as at ) legal structure investment fund fund inception fund size 413.

  fund name perpetual wealthfocus super - perpetual geared australian responsible entity perpetual superannuation limited apir code per0223au sectorasset class equity australia large geared morningstar rating (as at ) legal structure superannuation fund fund inception fund size 48.

Perpetual investment management responsible entity perpetual investment management limited fe fundinfo sector ami equity - australia geared asset class equity currency aud legal structure unit trust fund size aud470.

The perpetual select geared australian share fund outperformed its benchmark over the september 2020 quarter. 47 during the quarter slightly underperforming its benchmark.

Before deciding whether to acquire or hold units in that fund. The pds can be obtained by calling 1800 022 033 or visiting our website www.

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Perpetual geared australian fund

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Perpetual geared australian fund

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