Rsi 2 strategy backtest

Rsi 2 strategy backtest

I named this strategy the rsidive, for my own testing purposes.

  here is the backtest that i made, from the rsi-2 strategy of larry connors.

While playing around with a 2 period rsi (relative strength index) mean reversion strategy, i came up with a very simple rule change with a much larger impact on the results than expected. I doubled the compounded annual growth rate and cut the maximum drawdown in half.

  in short, the 2-period rsi is designed to highlight strong pullbacks. Buying into pullbacks in an uptrend has been a well known and effective trading method and is the essence of the 2-period rsi trading system. We can demonstrate this by looking at how the market behaves after a trade is triggered.

  simple rsi strategy in total this system made 220 point gain over 8 trades, 2 winning trades and 6 loosing trades. Rsi, candlestick strategy in total this system made 725 point gain over 2 trades, 2 winning trades and 0 loosing trades. Rsi, macd strategy in total this system made 400 point gain over 1 trades, 1 winning trade and 0 loosing trades.

Book on backtesting strategies in r using blotter, quantstrat, financialinstruments, ttr packages - timtricebacktesting-strategies.

  now we get into a really customized version of a rsi trading technique. Basically, the rsi indicator is adjusted to a 2 period setting and the signal levels are moved to 95 and 5. After that, we use a 200 ema to determine if we should go long or short.

This can be of a rsi 2 strategy backtest great help to those who are just starting out on their journey of trading. By going through this post, they can make a decision of going with either binary options trading or forex trading. Michael here has also unfolded about rsi 2 strategy backtest the different parameters on which individual trading techniques are profitable.

  the trading model as originally proposed by larry connors is very simple and consist of long-only trades. As a reminder, the rules are as follows price must be above its 200-day moving average.

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Rsi 2 strategy backtest

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