Saifedean ammous wikipedia

Saifedean ammous wikipedia

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Saifedean ammous is the author of the bitcoin standard the decentralized alternative to central banking, the best-selling groundbreaking study of the economics of bitcoin. The book was a pioneer in explaining bitcoins value proposition as the hardest money ever discovered, and the only working alternative to national central banks for international payments.

  saifedean ammous is assistant professor of economics at the lebanese american university. He holds a phd in sustainable development from columbia university (2011). His dissertation examined policies supporting biofuels in the united states and the european union as a case study in energy and environmental policy.

Saifedean ammous, the creator of the bitcoin standard, is additionally the author and ceo of saifedean. Ammous is a knowledgeable individual and an assistant professor of financial aspects at the adnan kassar school of business at lebanese american university.

  saifedean ammous is assistant professor of economics in the adnan kassar school of business at the lebanese american university.

  presented at the mises institutes libertarian scholars conference on 28 september 2019, at the kings college in new york city.

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Saifedean ammous really knows his monetary history and has clear and logical explanations of not only how money works, but why some money works better than others. He makes a compelling argument for why bitcoin is superior to other forms of money tried in the past.

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Saifedean ammous wikipedia

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