Stardew valley how to catch catfish

Stardew valley how to catch catfish

  in the summer, it can be found in the secret woods or witchs swamp. While searching through garbage cans in the spring or fall, it will drop occasionally.

  before talking about the stardew valley catfish, you must know how to fish properly in the game. Moreover, you need the proper equipment to increase your chances of catching a fish as well.

Your catch progress meter on right hand side will fill gradually. The fish is all yours to keep, as soon as your catch progress meter fills up. You can also watch with video by waifu simulator 27 on how to catch a catfish in stardew valley.

  there are so many different types of fish you can find, too! Catfish is a fish that you will find in rivers during the spring and fall when its raining. This type of fish can be caught near pelican town, cindersap forest, or secret woods, as they are the best place to catch catfish in stardew valley.

  how to catch catfish in stardew valley? The catfish is a fish found in the river (in the pelicantown or cindersap forest) and in the secret forests in spring and fall during rainy weather. It can also be caught in the winter if the rain tote is used. In the summer he can be found in the secret forest or in the witches swamp.

  here is a tutorial on how to get your hands on a catfish in stardew valley. If it helped you out, please leave a comment or like down below.

The catfish is also able to be found in garbage cans around pelican town. It is the only time the catfish can be acquired in the winter and garbage cans will not produce catfish if it is summer. The catfish will also be available from the witchs swamp later in the game during fall and spring.

  catfish is a fish that you will find in rivers during the spring and fall when its raining. This type of fish can be caught near pelican town, cindersap forest, or secret woods, as they are the best place to catch catfish in stardew valley.

The catfish is not the hardest fish to catch by a longshot! -) umm i can catch it with lvl 3 fishing its not that hard if you practice for like 2 rainy days. And i dont go down super fast when the fish goes down bc its easier to track it afterwards and its just trivial with lvl 5 fishing.

  catfish isnt an easy to catch fish (i had catfish several times with the fiberglass rod, but every time they escaped) also if you have the ability to get the ingredients for making food that gives .

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Stardew valley how to catch catfish

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