Straddle payoff diagram

Straddle payoff diagram

However, payoff charts become very useful when looking at combinations of options i. A straddle is a combination of two options a long call and long put option with the same expiration dates and strike prices.

To understand a little better how our long straddle option strategy works, the best thing to do is to graph the performance of the strategy with our option profit calculator excel.

Long straddle payoff diagram the long straddle payoff diagram resembles a v shape. The maximum loss on the trade is defined at entry by the two long options contracts combined cost. The profit potential is technically unlimited, though a large move in one direction before expiration is required.

The iron butterfly example you previously created w the option alpha logo is the template for long straddle, but in the shape of the other two images provided. Attached image w red arrows demonstrates the values on the x and y axis.

  the short straddle payoff diagram resembles an upside-down v shape. The maximum profit on the trade is limited to the initial credit received. The break-even point for the trade is the combined credit of the two options contracts above and below the strike price.

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Straddle payoff diagram

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Straddle payoff diagram

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