What to do in new orleans bachelor party

What to do in new orleans bachelor party

You can spend the day on a new orleans bachelor party boat or a new orleans steamboat jazz dinner cruise.

  the tour guides are both knowledgeable and hilarious, and at jean lafitte swamp tour, youll even get a chance to hold a baby gator. The tours are offered by swamp boat or airboat, and are a perfect daytime activity for your bachelor party.

  actually cool things to do in new orleans youre gonna need some breathers between partying, and there is plenty to do here in terms of experiencing.

  so enjoy these bachelor party ideas in new orleans, louisiana. Cochon butcher is found in the warehouse district of new orleans. The trendy shop is an eclectic mix of a butcher shop, deli, and wine bar in one.

Oyster-lovers, try the 15-dozen challenge at acme oyster house in the french quarter. If youve got a sweet tooth, dig into the tchoupitoulas challenge at the uptown magazine street location of the creole creamery (8 scoops of ice cream, plus toppings).

  come nighttime, the three keys club draws a range of musical acts, from local blues bands to cellists, in its mostly-free concerts.

  royal sonesta- 300 bourbon st, new orleans, la 70130- located in the heart of the french quarter and on the world famous bourbon street, the royal sonesta is the perfect stay for a bachelor group with bars and restaurants located literally right outside the lobby doors.

The last 72 hours bachelor party new orleans t-minus 72 hours (10am check in on bourbon st. ) arrive at louis armstrong new orleans international airport and grab a cab to the royal sonesta new orleans where youll check into your bourbon balcony entertainment suite (when booking, be sure to specify that you want one of the suites with a balcony actually facing bourbon st.).

New orleans also has two bachelorette party staples navigable water and lots of booze. The mighty mississippi and the gulf of mexico surround the city, so boats are a great daytime option. You can spend the day on a new orleans bachelorette party boat or a jazz dinner cruise.

  i actually went down to new orleans for mardi gras for a bachelor party one year. A close friend had moved down there and i was in the wedding party.

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What to do in new orleans bachelor party

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