Zerodha demat account review quora

Zerodha demat account review quora

Being a discount broker, zerodha is one of the good choices for opening a demat account. But whether its the best for a trader or not, depends on your personal trading needs only.

Although zerodha offers commission free trading in equity delivery, the customer must pay different fees such as government taxes (stt, exchange turnover charges, gst, sebi charges and stamp duty), demat transaction charges (13.).

2-refund process is fast compare to other dmat accounts like zerodha, edelweiss. 3-the service charges and commissions are high compare to zerodha or edelweiss but it is more secure and trusted dmat account because it is associated with the bank. 4-money transfer process between your bank account and dmat account would be very smooth and fast.

While the broker charges no inactivity fee and withdrawal fee, there is an account fee. The account fee is inr 300 18 tax per year for demat accounts and inr 1,000 18 tax per year for corporate accounts. If you open a commodity account, you will be charged inr 100 18 tax per year.

  a zerodha demat account is an online account to hold financial securities such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, in the electronic format. The demat account makes online trading possible with fast, secure and paperless transactions of shares. The zerodha demat account is opened with cdsl, who holds the demat account.

I have been trading with them for more than 4 years and i havent come across any issue.

Pay rs 0 brokerage for equity delivery, mutual funds, and digital gold. Get free digital gold (worth rs 51) it is a limited-time offer.

  everything about discount brokers such as zerodha is internet based, be it customer service, trading, account opening etc. Full-service stockbrokers such as sharekhan, on the other hand, will help you, spoon feed you, hand hold you through the process, even if you need offline help, meet someone, talk to somebody and so on.

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Zerodha demat account review quora

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